Booking Terms & Conditions

Please note the following standard terms to which your booking and stay are subject:


  1. Your telephone/emailed reservation will be held for 3 working days to allow time for receipt of your completed booking form & deposit of 20%.
  1. Your booking will be acknowledged by a written confirmation (usually by email) and the balance of the cost of your holiday is due to be paid four clear weeks before commencement date. Non-payment by due date will be treated as a cancellation and we reserve the right to re-let the flat. The deposit will be forfeited.
  1. If you have to cancel, please advise us immediately. All deposits are non refundable.
  1. The Flat is let for the numbers specified on the booking form and in the event of changes, or numbers increasing before arrival, these alterations must be made known to the owner.
  1. AVAILABILITY – In the unlikely event of the flat being unavailable for reasons beyond the Owner’s control, every effort will be made to provide an alternative Flat within the Quay area or a complete refund will be given. No further liability will be accepted.
  1. FAMILIES AND COUPLES ONLY- No all male or female parties – families and couples only (must be over 25 years old).NO pets are allowed in the flat.
  1. OCCUPANTS – The names of all those who will be occupying the property during the period of booking must be specified on the “Booking Form”. Friends and family are welcome but they must be agreed in advance with the owner in the prescribed way.
  1. OCCUPATION/DEPARTURE – The Flat will be available from 2.00pm on the first day of your holiday. Earlier access to the flat is only permitted by prior arrangement. Departure must be by 10.00am on the last day of the holiday so the flat may be prepared for the next occupants. On departure we ask that you leave the flat as you found it on arrival clean and tidy. Any breakages must be reported or replaced.
  1. BEHAVIOUR – We reserve the right to ask anyone exhibiting excessive unruly behaviour or to be a persistent nuisance to leave the apartment with no refunds being made. We retain the right to inspect the property at any reasonable time during your stay.
  1. GOOD HOUSEKEEPING BOND – A good housekeeping bond of £100 is requested on booking and provided there is no damage to the property will be refunded.
  1. LIABILITY – Any contract is between the Tenants and the Owner, who is responsible for providing the property to the Tenants in the appropriate condition. The owner will not be liable to any person staying at the flat or any person visiting the flat for any personal injury, fatal or non-fatal, neither shall the owner be liable for any injury, loss or damage to any property including motor vehicles, personal effects or luggage however caused or sustained. Nothing in this disclaimer shall limit the common law rights of individuals. We do not provide Holiday Insurance Cover which is the responsibility of the occupants.
  1. PARKING – Parking is available in the underground car park – space number 16 – for one vehicle. Any vehicle and contents are parked entirely at your risk.
  1. SERVICES PROVIDED – Bed linen is included in the price, and all beds will be made up on arrival. Bath and hand towels are included. All Fuel costs are also included in the booking price.

Condition of Property/Inventory -Before you arrive the property will have been cleaned and the inventory checked. Discrepancies should be reported within 24 hours of arrival to the Owner, the inventory will otherwise be deemed to be correct. Losses, damage or any cleaning necessary over and above normal servicing, will be invoiced to you on departure. By accepting our terms and conditions you authorise us to deduct payment using the ‘good housekeeping’ bond.

  1. SMOKING POLICY –We operate a non-smoking policy covering the whole building including the balcony. No candles of any kind, to be used.
  1. CHILDREN – Children must be supervised at all times and any particular warnings observed.
  1. DAMAGE TO THE PROPERTY – The Tenant is liable for the full cost of any damage caused to or within the property during the letting. By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to us taking payment for any damages from the ‘good housekeeping’ bond. Any further payments above the ‘good housekeeping bond’ will be paid by the Tenant if required.
  1. THE TENANCY – The Tenancy confers upon the Tenants the right to occupy for a holiday within the meaning of schedule 1, Paragraph 9 of the Housing Act 1988.

The Tenants agree:

(a) To pay for any losses or damage to the property however caused (reasonable wear and tear excepted).
(b) To take good care of the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the tenancy.
(c) To permit the Owners and Agents reasonable access to the property.
(d) Not to part with possession of the property or share it except with members of the party as shown on the booking form. In no circumstances may the number of people exceed the stipulated description.
(e) Not to cause an annoyance or become a nuisance to occupants of adjoining premises.
(f) Not to use the property for any commercial purposes.

In the event of breach of these terms and conditions the Tenants may be required to leave the property during the period of the booking.

  1. SIZE AND PARTY – Unless expressly agreed in advance by the Owner, no group bookings (four or more adult party members) are accepted where all party members are under 25 years of age. Unless expressly agreed in advance by the Owner, no group bookings are accepted where all members are of the same sex, unless the group consists of members of the same family across a number of generations. The Owner reserves the right to refuse access to the property without compensation where no agreement has been given in advance.

The Tenants right to occupy the property may be forfeited without compensation, or an additional charged levied if:

(a) More people or guests than specified on the Booking Form and/or the number the Property holds, attempt to take up occupation;
(b) Overnight guests are entertained without the Owner’s express permission;
(c) Any activity is undertaken which may cause unreasonable damage, noise or disturbance.

  1. AUTHORITY TO SIGN – The person who signs the booking form certifies that he or she is authorised to agree the Terms & Conditions on behalf of all persons included on the booking form, including those substituted or included at a later date. He or she agrees to take responsibility for the party occupying the property.
  1. COMPLAINTS – All complaints must be notified to the Owner immediately to ensure sufficient time is given to investigate and/or take the necessary remedial action. Compensation will not be offered where the Tenants have denied the Owner the opportunity to rectify matters during holiday.
  1. DISCLAIMER – The property is used at your own risk. All information and statements are made in good faith and we cannot guarantee or be responsible for its accuracy. All information is correct at time of going to press.